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The Ultimate List of Ways to Make Money Online

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Making money online doesn’t have to be a dream. With this Ultimate List of Ways to Make Money Online, you can turn it into a reality with ease!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they’re wanting to find a way to make money from home or make money online. And in the world that we live in now, it’s 100% possible to do so.

The Ultimate List of Ways to Make Money Online @ ShortOnTimeAndMoney.com

While it may seem like there’s an endless supply of jobs out there that require you to come to a physical office, the truth is that there are just as many jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

If your goal is to find a way to make money online, it’s not as hard as you might think! These simple resources can help you accomplish just that!

The Ultimate List of Ways to Make Money Online

Making money online is one of those “myths” to so many people. But the truth of the matter is, it’s totally possible to do!

I’ve been making money online for years and I can testify how life changing it can be for a busy mom who needs some extra money coming in!

How to make money online for free

Did you know that you can actually make money online without costing you a thing? It’s true! Starting jobs that you can do without having to invest are not that hard at all.

Think of ways that you can start earning money without having to invest anything besides that computer or phone that you already own.

Think freelancing, writing or even photography! All are avenues that don’t require any kind of startup money at all! Plus, you can literally start earning money right away as well.

How can I earn Extra money from home?

I’m so glad you asked. The truth is, there are so many ways to earn money from home! Here are some of the top legitimate ways to make money online.

  • Start a blog

Starting a blog is no small feat. Many people look at bloggers as people who just sit at home all day and type on their keyboard…and while there may be a bit of truth to that, the blogging world requires a lot more time and effort than that.

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Blogging is a great way to make money online for beginners. And while it may take a small investment to get started, you can bet that if you put in enough time and effort, you’ll get that investment back in no time at all.

Blogging does offer a lot of different ways to earn money at home such as advertisement fees, sponsorships or having the ability to see content that you might have created.

Understanding that the blogging world opens up a lot of doors for earning online revenue is key. The sooner you realize that the sooner you can start branching out and finding your niche and options.

  • Become a virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant (or VA) is an excellent way to make money online. And having the title “VA” also opens up so many doors for you as well. Think of being a VA as being a secretary or something along those lines.

Your job duties will vary from answering the phones remotely, to entering data, to running the social media accounts to anything else that they may need help with that you can do from home.

  • Market yourself as a freelancer

Let’s just all agree that freelancing is awesome. First off, being a freelancer means that you are “free” to pick and choose what you are wanting to do. If you want to take a job, you take it. If you don’t, you don’t. It’s literally as simple as that. Some freelancers have their schedule set up to where they only work a few hours per day while some prefer more.

The one thing to keep in mind about freelancing is that it can have ups and downs as far as work goes. No work is ever guaranteed and if you find yourself in a position where you aren’t getting any gigs, that could put a halt to it really quickly.

  • Buy, sell and flip items

How many times have you seen something for sale online and wondered how people are making a living doing them? It’s 100% possible to do! If you have an eye for great deals, there are literally tons of options for you to make money online.

Some people hit up local stores and check out the clearance items to find products that they can then post online for a higher price. Others shop at the local thrift stores and see if there is a “hidden gem” that they can get for a cheap price and then flip it and get more money.

And if you like to refurbish items, sprucing up old furniture can be a great way to sell and make money online! All you have to do is make them look nice, make certain that they’re safe and you can make some easy money by cleaning up someone’s old junk.

  • Become a ghostwriter for other online publications

Did you know that there are bloggers and online outlets that will pay you for your words? If you like to write and have something to say that others will like, start looking into how you can make ghostwriting a true thing for you and your online money making adventure.

The easiest way is to go to websites that you like and enjoy and see if they are accepting new posts for publication.

And if you don’t see anything about how to apply, you can always reach out in the “Contact” section and see who you need to talk to as well. Don’t give up till you get in touch with someone that can tell you how to make your ghostwriting want a reality.

  • Create courses for extra online income

It’s no doubt that you’ve probably got a wealth of knowledge up there in your brain. But did you know that if you are an expert in something or know tidbits of information that can help others, people are willing to pay for it?

Creating an online course is one way that you can earn money and help others at the same time. And trust this…there are literally online courses for almost everything! From blogging to teaching about gardening, people crave knowledge that they can’t get elsewhere. What does that mean for you? Creating an online course could be some super simple passive income each and every month.

  • Design and sell printables online

How computer savvy are you? If you’re able to create a printable that others will enjoy, they’ll pay money for it! And the printable world can be a very lucrative gig!

Printables can be made for homeschooling parents who are looking for extra resources for their kids to use and learn from or printables can be a calendar system that helps adults get organized with ease.

As long as you can create them in a way that they are unique, fun and affordable, people will click through and make that purchase.

  • Open your own Etsy shop and sell your own items

People love items that are homemade and handmade. Period. Not only do they look for those type of items year-round for themselves, but when the holidays come they like to stock up and shop that way for their family and friends, too.

If you have a skillset to create, you can market and sell it on Etsy. Etsy offers the chance to sell homemade cards, paintings, jewelry, clothes…anything really that people might have a want and a need for!

  • Take online surveys for money

While this isn’t a way to get rich quickly, thousands of people earn some extra spending money every single month by taking surveys for various businesses and giving their opinion.

It can be a super simple way to work while you’re sitting down late at night watching TV. Who doesn’t want to get paid to sit on the couch and answer a few questions?

See how simple it can be to think of creative ways to make money? All you really need is a little bit of direction, a laptop, and an internet connection and you can start earning money online easily in no time at all.

The Ultimate List of Ways to Make Money Online @ ShortOnTimeAndMoney.com

Make money online with PayPal

One other big aspect of earning money online is that you need to be certain that you’re accepting payments from your clients BEFORE completing the work. This isn’t something that you should compromise on.

Getting the payment upfront for your work proves that you’ll actually get paid for what you’ve done. There have been too many instances where people have done the work and then get stiffed in the end and never get paid. Don’t let that happen to you.

And if you find that you struggle with this aspect, make certain that you at least get 50% of the payment upfront at least. This way if something happens that they bail, you’ve at least been able to recoup some of your costs and it isn’t a total waste.

When you’re taking payments online, also be careful about what you’ll accept as payment. PayPal is a really great online payment system because it’s backed by their own personal support. Another great option to consider would be Venmo.

Make certain that you set up your PayPal account as a business account and keep track of everything for tax purposes. Remember…everything that you earn online still has taxes that have to be paid and collected. This part has to be monitored by you or your accountant!

Safety tips for selling items online

When it comes to selling and making money online, there are a few safety measures that you should always keep in mind. If you decide to sell physical products online, remember these tips to keep you safe.

  • Never meet someone at your home

The people that you are selling to are strangers. You don’t know them at all. Setting up a time for them to come to your home to view items to buy isn’t safe.

All you know about them is what you’ve communicated via email. Instead, set up a time to meet at a public location or even the police station in your town instead. That way, you can be certain that if something shady was going to happen, you’re going to be safe picking that as your location rather than showing them where you live.

  • Don’t ever give out your personal information online

While it might be tempting to give out your address or other personal information to a potential buyer, don’t. The items that you are selling in order to make money online don’t have anything to do with where you live.

And if a potential seller asks for that information, just let them know that you don’t feel comfortable handing that out and instead revert back to meeting with them at the police station.

Have fun thinking of creative ways to make money online

Here’s the deal. If you have an idea that is safe, fun and potentially profitable, what are you waiting for? While the jobs above are a great way to make money, they aren’t the only options out there!

With how amazing the internet and technology is, there are literally hundreds of ways that you can find to make money online. All you need to do is understand what your strengths are and find a way to capitalize on them so that you can promote them and sell them to others. Simple, right?

And don’t fret. If you start out on one venture to make money online and it doesn’t pan out, switch gears and try again. That’s just another amazing benefit of thinking of ways to make money online. There are literally endless options for how you can go about making it a reality.

Get your ideas in place and then make a plan on how you can move forward to make it a reality. You may find that it isn’t that hard to start earning money online after all!

Once you find a successful way to make it happen, keep going with it and have fun watching it grow! Earning money online can offer endless income potential if you play your cards right!

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